3 Surefire Ways to Generate Interest In Your Avon Business While Social Distancing

3 Surefire ways to generate interest in your Avon Business While Social Distancing

As a new Avon representative, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with ideas for approaching new customers during this pandemic.

As you probably already know, you can’t really comfortably start a conversation with someone when they’re standing 6 feet away.

I mean, can you imagine yelling out to the person standing in front of you at the grocery store… HELLO!!! I’M AN AVON REPRESENTATIVE AND I’D LIKE TO SHOW YOU OUR NEWEST CAMPAIGN!!!

If they even looked at you after this rude display, I highly doubt they’d want to buy anything from you. For one thing, people don’t generally respond well after being yelled at. For another, they’ve been taught from a very young age, NOT to talk to strangers.

So what CAN you do to start a conversation with a potential new customer?

Here’s three ideas that you can easily use to let people know about your Avon business while you’re out and about, even though you’re following proper social distancing specifications and without starting the conversation yourself.

Please Note: I’m affiliated with Zazzle. If you make a purchase using one of my links, I will make a small royalty.


Number One: Custom Avon Button Pins!

Wear a custom Button Pin that invites others to start a conversation about Avon with you!

In addition to being an Avon representative, I’m also a shopkeeper at Zazzle, a world leader in custom and personalized products.

I created a couple of button pins to wear on my clothing or on my purse that invites people to ask me for a link to my online Avon store, or to just let them know that I do sell Avon.

That makes it easy for folks who might be looking for a new Rep to find me. When asked, be sure to have some of your Avon business cards handy or you can share a link to your store from the Avonnow app on your phone.

I created the “Ask me for a link to my Avon store!” button pin that’s being shown here but Zazzle actually has several others that you might like too.

Click here to visit Avon Button Pins at Zazzle to see them all!

Number Two: Custom Avon T-Shirts!

Wear a t-shirt that lets everyone know you sell Avon. If they’re interested, they’ll come to you!

I also created a couple custom Avon t-shirts to let people know that I love selling Avon. You can wear these while shopping or even while taking your daily walk.

You’d be surprised at how many people either used to sell Avon, or know someone who used to sell Avon. They tend to get a bit nostalgic. Knowing that you sell Avon, these people are happy to share that information with you and this gives you a chance to tell them all about the new things happening at Avon now.

Again, be sure to have your business cards or phone handy to share the information about your online store.

I made the “I love selling Avon shirt” shown here but again, I’m not the only one creating custom Avon shirts at Zazzle.

Click Here to visit Avon T-Shirts at Zazzle to see all of them!

Number Three: Create Custom Avon Flyers!

Create custom Avon flyers to either hand out, or to leave in public places such as in the lunch room at work or, with permission, at places around town that you frequent.

I only found this one Avon flyer template at Zazzle, there might be more that I missed but if you’re good with your keyboard and printer, you can create your own DIY Avon flyers. And if making your own, you can personalize them for the area that you might be posting or handing them out.

If you make your own, be sure to include:

  1. Your Name
  2. The link to your online Avon store.
  3. Your phone number as a contact.
  4. Your email address.
  5. Any other info you’d like to share such as, I’m your neighbor., Our kids are in the same school., or maybe We work together.

There’s a lot more custom and personalized Avon products at Zazzle. If you’re interested in seeing everything available: Click Here to see everything that Zazzle has for Avon Reps

I hope you found one or more of these ideas helpful. If you have other ideas for sharing the word about Avon, please share your thoughts in the comments section. sharing is caring and I really do love hearing from my readers.

Thanks for visiting today!


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