Take a Peek at the Most Comfortable Pants I’ve Ever Owned

After turning thirty twice, one of the things I’ve noticed is that besides wisdom… with age comes an endless search for things that are comfortable. Examples: The same girl who wore heels all through her twenties… while working retail at a department store… is now finding herself wearing nothing but flats. We have so many different pillows in our guestroom because of my need to find the perfect one for my neck. I’ve gotten close but I’m sure there’s still one out there that’s better. And our bedroom has become the new “living room” so that when we watch television, we can recline and stretch out.

Avon's Ruched Cropped Legging in Navy.
Avon’s Ruched Cropped Legging in Navy blue with a tie dye shirt I got at Kohl’s.

One of the last, less comfortable things, I’ve refused to give up on is my jeans and for most of my life, while not working outside of the home, I’ve worn nothing but denim. That is until my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to try Avon’s 2-Pack of Ruched Cropped Leggings. Over the years, I’ve seen women wearing leggings and some look really nice while others look like they’ve been stuffed into a sausage casing. I wasn’t sure which way I’d look wearing the ones I ordered from Avon but I figured if I can’t wear them out and about, I’d wear them while lounging in our new “living room” just like the several other leggings I’ve tried over the years.

This is not me wearing the black Ruched Cropped Legging pants from Avon. At 60, I’m no model.

As soon as I received mine, I tried on a pair and… Oh my God! These are the most comfortable pants I’ve ever owned. I found them to run true to size but on the bigger side if that makes sense. I’m a medium who after quarantining for a few months is finding things a bit tighter than they used to be. The medium fits me great! The waistband feels wonderful on my stomach. The legs are not too tight but they’re not too loose either. I think they look terrific on and I feel comfortable wearing them out in public. Amazing!!!

You don’t have to take only my word on this either because almost all of the reviewers at Avon agree that the comfort level of these pants rates 5 stars. They did not receive a 100% 5 star rating because one reviewer has very skinny legsshe didn’t care for how they looked on her.

Two pack consists of one black and one Navy blue.



They’re sold in a two pack. Double the comfy-ness! You get one pair of black and one pair of Navy blue.

• Elastic waist
• Ruched detail at ankles
• Cropped at the ankles
• No pockets

• 95% Cotton, 5%Spandex

Machine wash, dry flat.

They did well in the wash too!

I’m a new Avon Rep and this is honestly my first experience wearing Avon Fashion but it definitely won’t be my last!

How about you? Have you found the perfect most comfortable pants yet? Do you own any Avon Fashion? Are you thinking of trying these pants? Share your thoughts about comfy pants in the comments. I love hearing from my readers.

Thanks for visiting today!

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