Where is the Campaign Brochure in an Avon Online Store?

Avon used to be all about paper catalogs and campaign sale brochures that you could flip through that were usually left in your mailbox every couple of weeks. They still have those books but just like everything else, Avon is moving towards more and more online interaction between its customers and Reps. BUT… we all know that the bi-weekly campaign books were where all the new stuff and sale items were featured.

Don’t worry. There’s still a way to see all the good stuff in one place. It’s just that when you’re not used to looking for it, it might be a little difficult to find at first. Once you know where it is, you’ll be able to find it easily ever after.

Where is the Campaign Brochure in an Avon Online Store?

When you’re in an Avon online store, you’ll see the words, DIGITAL CATALOG, almost right under the search bar. If you click on those words, you’ll be brought to another page where you’ll see all of the active brochures, including the current campaign book. Campaign 16 is represented in the photo below. Choose the brochure you want to look at by clicking on it.

I hope this was helpful and if you’re looking for an Avon Representative, I’d love to have you come browse my Online Avon store. There’s always something new to see.

Avon Digital Catalog
Find And Click On The Words Digital Catalog
Then, Choose The Brochure You Want To View.

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